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The Dremel 930 is a dual-temperature glue gun especially suitable for detailed gluing. In low temperature setting the tool is ideal for a variety of creative hobby applications, such as scrapbooking, decorating, colour gluing on glass, etc. Together with the included 7 mm glitter sticks you can add a sparkle and make beautiful decorations. For light DIY jobs around the house, such as gluing ceramics, wood, plastics, glass, use the high temperature setting. Thanks to its drip-controlled precision tip you will not spill glue on your project.

  • Drip control: to prevent dripping glue onto the project
  • Dual temperature setting: enables gluing heat-sensitive materials plus using high melt glue
  • Precision tip: for intricate gluing
  • Silicon nozzle sleeves: to prevent from burning
  • Extendable plastic stand: to easily position glue gun in a stable way
  • Glue output 5 g/min
  • Suitable for 7 mm glue sticks
Length 140 mm
Diameter 7 mm
Operating Temp. 105 / 165 °C
Weight 0.2 kg
Tool Kits
Dremel Dremel Glue Gun 930-18
Dremel Dremel Glue Gun 930-18 Dremel Glue Gun 930 Show details

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