2050 STYLO+ 2000001224250 A 013 205 0BT Versatile Craft Tool http://www.dremel.co.nz/nz/pmdbmedia/d/obj/164137/lobtype/LORES_PNG_RGB/323x138@0/png323x138.png

Create the perfect finish on your craft designs with just one appliance. The versatile Multi-Tool is lightweight and comfortable to use allowing precision with ease to be brought to your DIY projects.

  • Versatility on all kinds of material: Personalise your arts and crafts finish on a variety of materials including glass, wood, leather, stone and metal. The Multi-tool has a range of different applications allowing for: carving, engraving, drilling, polishing, cleaning and sanding.
  • Woodworking & Model creation: The Stylo + allows for high precision to carve, engrave and sand your wooden creation in the most intricate and trickiest of places. Carve your own wooden spoon, or add unique details to your handcrafted figures or even create personalised wooden nameplates as keepsakes for your special events.
  • Upcycle projects & Jewellery making: The Stylo + allows old materials to be revamped, refreshed and regenerated. Old salvaged wood can be transformed to create pallet art, all accomplished by using our sanding accessories. Convert your old jewellery by using the polishing and cleaning components to make it look just like new. Create something
  • Leather working & Gift making: Make the gift giving season a time to make your friends and family feel special and surprise them with handmade presents. Put to use the engraving accessories to bring your leather wallet to life or transform home décor items to a designer piece by creating your very own unique design. The Multi-Tool allows the maker to give attention to the smallest details allowing for a perfect and neat finish.
  • Limited warranty of 5 years on all corded rotary tools.
Speed Variable (5,000-22,000) RPM
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Dremel 2050-N/15 STYLO+
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