Stunning Flower-Filled Windowbox

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Mark out your design onto a piece of paper and then trace this onto the center of one of the side panels of the window box in pen. Then, take your Dremel 7700 and attach the Multi-Chuck and the Engraving Cutter to carve the outline of your design into the wood.

Then, remove the Engraving Cutter and insert the Dremel Tungsten Carbide Cutter to gauge out and remove the wood from within the lines of your design.

Once this is done, remove the Tungsten Carbide Cutter and insert the Dremel Fine Grit Sanding Band 432 and smooth down any rough edges to your design. For detailed smooth sanding, where you need to be careful of the delicate nature of your project, use the SpeedClic Mandrel and Abrasive Brushes. These adjust to the outlines of your design and are useful when the sanding bands may be a little too aggressive or the design is too delicate for the sanding bands may be able to get into all the nooks and crannies.

Using a suitable roller, paint the planter and allow it to dry thoroughly. Following the manufacturer instructions, apply gold ”size” to the carved motif, then gild the carved area with silver metal leaf to create an elegant look worthy of any season. Finally, protect your planter with a couple of coats of exterior varnish.

  • Wooden windowbox
  • Exterior paint
  • Gold’ size and silver metal leaf
  • Exterior varnish