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Warm up your outdoor oasis by building a living wall. To get started, make your cuts according to the cut list provided.

First we will show you how to cut pieces for the casework and shelves. Later on in this project we will provide instruction on adding decorative trim for a finished look. To cut the pieces for your casework and shelves, we used the Dremel Saw-Max with the Wood and Plastic Wheel. Measure and mark your cuts in 3/4" MDF. Mount the SM500 wheel in your Saw-Max tool. With your MDF clamped, turn on your tool and cut along the marked lines. You'll notice that the Carbide finish on the wheel leaves behind a smooth finish.

Once you have completed your cuts, join the frame pieces together using screws and a drill, creating two separate boxes. See the Message Center Blueprint for detailed instructions on assembly. Now that your framework is complete, it is time to create shelving. Use 3/4" poplar and complete the next series of cuts with your SM20 tool and SM500 Wood and Plastic Wheel using the cut list provided in the Message Center Blueprint. Space your shelves as desired on one of your boxes and secure them using wood screws from both sides. We added a center 1x2 divider on our other box to separate what will become our cork and dry-erase boards.

Space and measure your metal rod, mark your cut, then clap your rod in a vice. Using your SM20 tool with an SM510C Metal Cut-Off Wheel, cut your metal rods to size. Space and measure holes to be drilled for steel rods to act as paper holders.

Lay the two frames down and place a section of 2x4x40" between them. To cut your 2x4 quickly and easily we recommend using the 2x4 cutting guide. Measure and mark your line of cut at 40", replace the SM500 wheel with the SM600 Wood and Plastic Flush-Cutting Wheel. Clamp your 2x4 to your workbench, slide the guide along the marked line and cut along your line of cut making one pass, flip the 2x4 over and complete your cut on the second pass. Cut a 12" crosspiece of scrap trim at the top and bottom center on the 2x4 to add stability. Secure the two boxes together to the 2x4 using wood screws.

Finishing your boxes will give them a great custom look. Once you have completed your cuts from cut list #2, glue and nail the face frame pieces to the MDF boxes and let dry.

Complete your message center with whatever materials you like. Here we used cork, dry-erase and textured wallpaper to create a functional and finished look. For the cork, we measured the inside of our opening at 12-3/4" W x 19-1/8" H. Using a Dremel MM20 with the Multi-Knife accessory, cut the cork panel to size and affix it to the interior of your box with wood glue.

Hang your Message center using heavy duty picture hangers. Hang on the studs of the wall if possible, or be sure to use dry-wall anchors if hanging directly onto dry wall.

  • Drill Driver + Wood Screws
  • 3/4" MDF Panels
  • 1/4" MDF Panels
  • Finishing Nails
  • Wood Glue
  • 1 - 2x4 Plank
  • 3 - 3/4" x 4" Poplar Planks
  • Cork /Dry-erase board (optional)