Easter Egg Cup

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Easter Egg Cup

To create your own personally designed egg cups, you will need the butane powered Dremel VersaTip. Use a soft pencil to draw simple heart shapes around the egg cup and draw dots around the base. As an alternative to hearts you could draw simple flowers, a geometric pattern or write the mane of each member of your family on a different egg cup.

Heat the Dremel VersaTip and draw dots around the base of the egg cup. You don’t need to apply pressure, simply position the tip and hold in place for about a second. If the Dremel VersaTip hasn’t marked the wood, leave it to heat a little longer, then repeat.

Draw the hearts with the Dremel VersaTip in the same way. Finally use a soft eraser to remove any pencil lines that still show. Tie a ribbon around the base to decorate. Your lovely set of egg cups will come in handy any time family and friends get together for a special breakfast – and the personal touch you have added will bring a little magic to the table setting. Now all you have to do is learn to cook a perfect boiled egg!

  • A wooden egg cup
  • Soft pencil
  • Soft eraser
  • Ribbon