Cut egg decoration

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Cut egg decoration

Using the 225 Flex Shaft attachment removes the weight of the tool from your hand and allows for precise and delicate movements. For best results, start at the centermost part of the egg and work outward. The 545 diamond wheel is a very thin, fine wheel. It is used most successfully at speeds less than 20,000 rpm. Faster speeds may cause the wheel to get too hot and bend under pressure. Engraving cutters 111 and 106 need a 481 collet.

Pierce a small hole in both ends of an extra large egg. Blow with your mouth on one end to expel the entire contents of the egg. Wash and rinse the egg in warm water and set aside to dry.

Use a pencil to lightly draw lines or a design on the egg. The lines will be carved away.

Use the 545 diamond cutting wheel when cutting out large sections of the egg. Use the 111 engraving cutter for small cuts and the 106 engraving cutter for making small holes. For very fine cuts, "score" the egg with the 106 engraving bit then cut through the score with the 111 engraving cutter. Recommended speed: 20,000 rpm.

Glue beads, ribbon or images to the egg to add a decorative finishing touch. Also, consider applying a painted finish. If the egg has a large, open center, you may wish to paint the interior or line it with fabric for additional flair.

  • Egg
  • Two-part Epoxy or Craft Glue
  • Beads, Ribbons, Paint, Photos or Other Decorations
  • Pin (for piercing egg)